Wiper MotorsFor Those Who Never Quit

Sprague's wiper motors don’t quit, either.

Some days, the route feels like a journey through the Wild West - sports cars whipping in and out of traffic, turns so tight you aren’t sure you’ll make it. But when the job needs to get done, you’re the guy they call. Afterall, you’re steering a bull the size of a blue whale.

8 seconds? Try 11 hours.

You’ve got grit. And so do Sprague wiper motors. Because when the sky is throwing buckets of rain your way, you don’t get to stop and smell the flowers. You keep going, knowing that you’ll find the way forward.

With thermal overload protection and 6-million cycle durability, a Sprague wiper motor doesn't quit, so you can keep going too.

And since you’re coming straight to the guys who engineer and manufacture it, you get lightning-fast shipping and knowledgeable customer service - guaranteed.

Windshield wiper
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